Writing Tip

“The way to write is to throw your body at the mark when your arrows are spent.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson



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Letter to Immigrant Daughters

I ask you not to read this until at least
your eyes have read pain,
which you think you will recognize but
can’t know until, alone without
the shattering reflection of it,
you can still feel it in the room.

I ask you not to gently pat your desires
down when they are half-grown seedlings
sprouting from your old blood, but to lace
a fence around their delicate progress. When
you cage a thing to remember it later,
it is never the same. The key is
remembering that they are perennial.

And now, for all the talk about
blood: it runs on streets, it boils and it
freezes. Why is it important
to keep a hard, new chip of this
in a brain? I don’t tell you so that
so you can know your job
will be different.

Because the job will always
be harder, whether snow
needs to be shoveled to make room
for new life or death, whether
you speak to the ones that inspect
your native face, or a ghost,
whether you are leaving a dirt
plain or a thick forest.

I can only hold the mirror to
show you parts of those
before you-not
the ones you left behind. They are
packed into the portable vessels
of you, they will spill and run free
this is certain.
I just can’t tell you
if you’ll notice-important
to stitch up your own wounds,
before cleaning up someone else’s


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Past time for excuses

“If I waited til I felt like writing, I’d never write at all.”

Anne Taylor

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A punch of Neruda for your Sunday

“I Explain a Few Things”


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Aidan Donnelley Rowley on writing and wandering

Check out this wonderful video conversation from Levo League, a career development website targeted towards young professional women, on writing, wandering, following your passion, and sense of self. Aidan Donnelley Rowley is a writer and creator of http://ivyleagueinsecurities.com.

Office Hours with Aidan Donnelley Rowley


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Big writing goals

I want to write a screenplay. As I reflect over the past couple of weeks, when I’ve had so much time to write, it’s clear to me that I can never stop, whether I continue this way or find a bigger audience. Fulfilling some of my goals just as the year ends has refreshed me, showed me that I CAN do it, and more importantly, that the time is now, when I have few obligations. I have to make a promise to myself to write every day, no matter what or where it is.

Now for the screenplay. The idea first weaved its way into my brain months ago when I was talking to my friend, a producer just starting her business, about movies we enjoyed and her dream of making a documentary. And now, I can think of nothing better than making a movie myself (no, I have no idea how to make films, but I’ll figure it out). So here are a few basic elements it should include:

  • A strong female protagonist (alongside other female characters, because we just don’t have enough of them in movies)
  • Lots of those late afternoon ultralight shots indie movies favor so much
  • an element of the mythological, or set in the past/future
  • quests-every good movie has a quest
  • fantastic music (kind of a given, but I needed to round it out with 5)

I welcome any and all film-worthy suggestions.

Behind the Sun, Rodrigo Santoro

From Behind the Sun, an awesome movie. Check it out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0291003/ mubi.com

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A big thank you to my new friends at inkposts for featuring one of my poems!

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